Hollywood Guitar Teacher: What is a Guitar Capo and Why Use One?

As you walk through Guitar Center, new guitar and strings in hand, you feel confident that you have all your bases covered as a new guitar player. But as you walk toward the exit, already thinking of what songs you’re going to learn first, you notice a display of odd-shaped clips called capos. You begin to panic, wondering if you have missed an important piece of equipment that you need to effectively play the guitar, and if your favorite guitar player used a capo…which leads you to the conclusion that you may need a capo to become a famous musician. […] Read more

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher: How to Use a Strap When Playing Guitar

Beginner guitar players often debate whether to use a strap or not to use a strap, and whether a strap is limited to playing the guitar while standing, or if it is also necessary when playing the guitar while sitting.

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Guitar straps are often associated with playing the guitar while standing up because the strap holds the guitar in place as it drapes over the player’s shoulders. However, […] Read more

Guitar Lessons Fort Lauderdale: Nylon vs. Steel Strings

Many beginner guitar players question whether they should play their guitar with nylon guitar strings or steel guitar strings. The reasoning behind this question stems from the guitar player’s desire for comfort: nylon strings are much easier on the fingertips than steel strings are. However, the real question a beginner guitarist should ask themselves is what kind of guitarist the student aspires to become.

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Nylon strings are predominantly used to play classical music […] Read more

Fort Lauderdale Guitar Lessons: Acoustic versus Electric Guitars for Beginners

Many aspiring musicians often ask themselves, should I learn how to play the guitar on an acoustic or electric guitar first? This dilemma plagues the minds of many; but after reading this article, all of your acoustic vs. electric guitar questions will be answered.

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Oftentimes, people choose to play the acoustic guitar first because they think it is the simpler of the two options. However, this is not necessarily the case. Acoustic guitars have substantially thicker […] Read more