About Dyce

Dyce’s action-packed lessons get aspiring students learning real songs in no time—all while teaching them music theory and scales that connects the music to relatable, practical theory.  His custom-tailored lessons are based on this realization.  “I know that all of my students are unique, both as people, and as musicians,” Dyce states, “so I realized that my lessons should celebrate these differences.”

Instead of following a rigid, “cookie-cutter” approach to teaching, he makes allowances for these differences, and custom tailors a lesson plan that enriches their musical tastes, goals, and strengths.  Dyce has learned, over two decades of playing and teaching professionally, when to push students—and when to stay out of the way.  This sort of expert guidance helps students flourish because they learn music on their own terms.

While these new custom-tailored lessons allow students to concentrate on the music that interests them—Dyce’s expert hand ensures that each lesson flows logically to the next.  Students learn the guitar the right way, building on concepts, reinforcing their knowledge, building confidence—and most importantly—having fun!  Dyce’s students learn how to play the guitar like the pros do, right from their very first lesson, no matter what style of music they are learning!

When Dyce is not teaching the guitar, his musical efforts go to performing in churches and Christian events.  Besides accompanying worship services, Dyce plays dynamic, spiritual original songs and popular covers.  As Dyce proclaims, “I’m giving the gift God has given me back to Him-dedicating my life to serving Him and my fellow man in this way.”