Fort Lauderdale Guitar Teacher: How to Use a Strap When Playing Guitar

Beginner guitar players often debate whether to use a strap or not to use a strap, and whether a strap is limited to playing the guitar while standing, or if it is also necessary when playing the guitar while sitting.

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Guitar straps are often associated with playing the guitar while standing up because the strap holds the guitar in place as it drapes over the player’s shoulders. However, Fort Lauderdale guitar teacher Dyce Kimura prefers that students use a strap in both the sitting and standing positions of playing, especially when playing the electric guitar. The electric guitar center is smaller and rests on the five fingers of the player. Nonetheless, it often tends to slide off the knee, usually because the guitar player tends to tilt the guitar at a 45° angle so that they are able to see the strings while they play.

This tilting of the guitar is not necessarily correct form, but most beginners do it because they have not learned the feeling of the guitar yet. Unfortunately, this incorrect usage usually results in a portion of the guitar player’s energy being used up because they are holding up the guitar and tilting it at an angle so as to see it, and the remaining energy is used to actually play the guitar.

Fort Lauderdale guitar teacher Dyce Kimura suggests that guitar players use a strap, regardless of whether they are a beginner, for both standing and sitting positions because the strap will balance and stabilize the guitar. Instead of valuable energy being unnecessarily used to hold the guitar in the correct position and focusing on seeing the strings while playing, all of the student’s energy can be used for playing the guitar. Although he is far from being a beginner guitarist, Dyce says, “I always use a strap when playing the guitar sitting or standing. Using a strap makes it much easier for me to play and relax without having to worry about stabilizing the guitar, and also gives me the freedom to lean back in my chair knowing that the guitar will go with me.”

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