Hollywood Guitar Teacher: What is a Guitar Capo and Why Use One?

As you walk through Guitar Center, new guitar and strings in hand, you feel confident that you have all your bases covered as a new guitar player. But as you walk toward the exit, already thinking of what songs you’re going to learn first, you notice a display of odd-shaped clips called capos. You begin to panic, wondering if you have missed an important piece of equipment that you need to effectively play the guitar, and if your favorite guitar player used a capo…which leads you to the conclusion that you may need a capo to become a famous musician. Questions like “What is a capo?” and “How do I use a capo?” agitate your brain – but look no farther, and stop worrying about whether your rise to stardom is in jeopardy, because the answers to these questions lie in the next few paragraphs.

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A capo is a tool that blazes across the strings of a guitar and changes the key of the instrument. It can be helpful for beginner guitarists to learn how to play with a capo because after they have mastered several chords, they can start to play songs in a variety of keys. However, songs that are usually played in different keys are often beyond the basic core chords that beginners typically learn. A capo allows the beginner to participate in playing the songs by positioning the capo on the appropriate fret. Ultimately, the capo is not a good device to use in the long term if the student is committed to becoming an exceptional guitarist.

As far as playing guitar at the short-term level, capos are a nice way of circumventing the bar cord and the pain that comes with it, and is a beneficial tool for a student of the guitar that is also a singer or songwriter. This is because the capo allows the singer or songwriter to play in any key using the same several cords that they initially learned, and they are able to do this without having to play bar chords.

Hollywood guitar teacher Dyce Kimura aspires to teach students more complex ways of playing chords that ultimately give them greater musical freedom and expand their abilities. Learning to play the guitar without using a capo requires that the student learn how to play bar chords first, which are often difficult and painful. Getting through the bar chords is an unavoidable mountain that beginners must climb when learning to play the guitar; however, it is absolutely mandatory to succeed in playing bar chords if one wants to master their instrument.

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